maine newborn photographer





liza's passion and warmth behind the lens enables her to capture the transcendental importance of every person's soul whom she photographs. her work is nothing short of magical and her attention to detail is what sets her apart.  we have been so fortunate to have been able to work with her and her work truly brings us back to the moments with our children that we so cherish.  liza truly understands and captures the intimacy and intricacies of a family and is always prepared and professional. she is truly a gem.

maine beach photography


it is rare to find a photographer who creates a product that is technically beautiful but also captures the personality of each member of your family.  on top of her mastery of the elements that make a good photograph, liza’s true talent is being able to read people well. she uses this ability to put each person at ease and capture a true moment, not something that is staged.  when I look at the photos that liza has taken of my children over the years, i have an immense amount of emotion because she has captured their essence.  kids change so quickly and it is such a joy to be able to relive those moments through liza’s photographs.  she is a very talented photographer and wonderful to work with.

maine editorial photography





liza not only masterfully captured my daughter's spirit in her photos, but also created a beautiful and thoughtful composition. she caught the perfect moments on film. i also admire and appreciate her creative ideas for assembling natural portraits. a true delight to work with!