maybe it is because i was the last of four kids, but there are precious few photos i have of myself as a child.  the ones i do have, i treasure.  perhaps that is why i so passionately capture my children - so that they will always remember the moments of our time together, the moments that seem so clear and bright now, but that dull and dim as time moves on.  i want them to remember their favorite rain boots, the ones they wore so much that got the huge cracks, the ones that they cried over when we finally threw them away. i want them to remember their favorite clothes, when our oldest two liked to be matching and seemingly wore the same dress for an entire summer.  i want them to remember their favorite "lovies" that got dragged around on all of our adventures.  oh, and the adventures, the ones we had outside in the sun, warming our hair and backs, the ones we had inside in the rain, when we let words on pages take us to another place, and when we finished with that, how we jumped on the bed and watched the rain drop down just as we did. 

every family has a story, and i would love to learn about yours and capture your time together.  when our time together is through, i want you to see the images i captured that are precious to you....that you see each morning on your dresser, that you see hanging in the hall as you go to get the baby out of the crib.  that you never forget your fleeting moments with those you love the most.

please contact me to talk about your portrait session.