p52 week 8

the theme this week is time…….as in nap time…..

please join me to see what viviana serrano, westchester ny, http://www.vivianaserrano.com/ has for us this week…..

amy - There is nothing better than a sleeping baby! I love this shot and it’s so great to remember to document such things. You will love looking at this in 20 years. Great nap time!

Robin Moore - What a great time – nap time. Nothing as peaceful as a sleeping baby and I love this shot. What great windows you must have because the light is beautiful.

Jenn - Love this! She looks so comfy! Such a sweet image!

jenny - So peaceful, one of the best times of the day! Beautiful picture!

Tammy Bilodeau - ha ha too cute! Great angle & perspective

Cathy K - Naptime is perfect for this week’s theme!

Faye - Beautiful Liza! So precious :)

Genevieve Flynn - So beautiful! Dreamy, sweet, and adorable (love how she sleeps!) A great interpretation of time :)

viv - beautiful shot : )

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macro monday

the prompt this week is bright…..

please head with me to see what faye captured this week

amy - Gorgeous shot. I love the reflection and it is perfect for bright! Great job!

Jenn - Perfect catchlights and so perfect for bright. I can see you in the reflection! :)

p52 week 7

the theme this week is pink…..


please join me to see what amazing pinkness my fantastic friend jenn duguay, valleyview, alberta photographer http://www.jennduguayphotography.com/ has today……

Faye - So simple, and so perfectly pink. Love it.

viv - I love this capture…so adorable!

amy - Such a sweet capture! I love this. It’s so similar to what I envisioned for this week, but just couldn’t get it.

Tammy Bilodeau - Ahhh Cute little snuggly. Very nice :)

Jenn - I love, love, love this. So sweet and everything about it is perfect!

Erin Dahl - I love the informal style of this image. Just a baby with their snuggly little pink bear. So cute! Gotta love that hair too. Great job!

Jenny - Oh that is so sweet – a baby and her lovey. What a treasure!

Christa P. - Love that you got the back of her head on this shot! Just beautiful!

Cathy K - What a sweet capture!

stacy - i did and didn’t want my kids to have a little snuggly toy… but none of them did…. soooo precious! :)

christineb - so cute, love the softness of the pink and the shot

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