macro monday

the prompt this week is frost……

head north with me to see what faye captured this week…..

Faye - Whoa………… this Liza!!! Super cool. Looks like a totally abstract painting!! It would look awesome on canvas!

Jenn - It does look like a painting. I love the feather-like pattern. Such a beautiful capture!

p52 week 5

the theme this week is on the shelf…

please join me and see what jenny singleton, frisco, tx photographer has this week……

amy - You made magic from these shoes! I love this. Great perspective and perfect processing. Love how it turned out!!

Tracy Waye Kelly - Great image ! And you know it is, because now I want to know the story behind these shoes !! Are they yours ? Your daughters ? How did they get so worn ??

viv - Very adorable. Love this shot!

Faye - The shoes are adorable – love the depth of field and processing you used on this shot!

Tammy Bilodeau - Oh look at those sweet little shoes. If they could talk!

Erin - Love the simplicity of this image. And those shoes are adorable! I’m jealous–not ONE of my boys would wear anything like this ; ) Great job!

Jenn - Beautiful, well-loved shoes. I’m sure these shoes have interesting stories to tell :)

Robin Moore - i love the processing and how precious are these shoes. you captured it perfectly too.

Christa P. - Oh so cute!!

Cathy K - Just precious were the first words that came to mind. I can only imagine how many little steps were taken in those shoes!

macro monday

the prompt this week is raw…..

please join me to see what faye has this week……


Jenn - Perfect comp and I love the contrasting colours!

Faye - Awesome! Love the composition here Liza!

Amy Ames - eewww. I love this for raw. Great job. Great comp and perfect photo. Love it!

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p 52 week 4

the theme this week is warmth….snuggling under the covers on a cold morning…..

please join me to see what stacy & aldo of d’lara photography downers grove, il has for warmth this week……

amy - Gorgeous warm light coming in that window. Looks like a perfect place to snuggle on a cold morning. Love it!

Faye - LOVE the light and the sun flare here – looks super cozy and warm for sure.

viv - Nice sun flare…..look at those adorable eyes peeking out.

Christa P. - Love that light coming in and that precious face peaking out over the covers!! Beautiful!

Erin - Love this! With the sun streaming in, and those sweet little eyes barely peeking over the covers–perfect!

Jenny - I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to wake up than to see that sweet face peering out from the covers! Sooooo cute!

Tammy Bilodeau - Wow! I love this. The backlighting is beautiful and makes you feel warm all over.

Tracy Kelly - What a great shot !! LOVE the sunflare !

Robin Moore - This is precious Liza. Love the flare and that precious face peeking from under the covers.

Amy - One of my favorite cold morning activities! Lovely shot with all of the sunlight and such a cute little face peeking out! :)

Cathy K - I love that he/she is just peeking over the blankets. The light really adds to the feeling of warmth!

Jenn - Oh my…. Those sweet eyes peeking up over the blankets and the lovely light… And the flare…. Sooooo perfect!