macro monday

red, white and blue…..

please head with me to see what jenn has this week…..

amy - wow!!!! This is super. these lifesize looking blueberries are fantastic. Love how you set up the composition with this. I can taste them now!

Faye - WOW! seriously. amazing.

p52 week 26


please head with me to see what christa paustenbaugh, okinawa, japan has this week…..

Robin Moore - liza, i love, love, love this shot. growing up i had chickens just like this and of course they never had their photo taken by someone so talented. love the light and processing and as always you rocked it.

amy - Love this shot! It’s funny because I knew you would blow this one of the water with your back yard. Perfect for bokeh balls. This is gorgeous, but I keep thinking about the lone rooster!

Emily - We had chickens growing up too! What a fun surprise to have one pop up :) Love the bokeh you captured too!

Cathy K - That bokeh is amazing! The chicken is kinda cute too. I love that he’s (or is a she?) posing for you!

Christa P. - Haha!! I love this photo! Perfect!

Faye - This photo just makes me smile :) The bokeh is so amazing!

p52 week 25


please join me to see what the fantabulous jenn duguay, valleyview, alberta photographer has for us this week……

Robin Moore - liza, this looks totally yummy. i LOVE blueberries. love the comp is this photo as well and the blueberries in that teal strainer – perfect combo.

Cathy K - I love the simplicity of this. The color of the strainer is absolutely perfect with those blueberries. I would hang this in my kitchen!

amy - Gorgeous photo. I love the comp and the coloring is stunning. Nothing better than a strainer full of blueberries. I am loving your food photos!

Faye - This is amazing Liza!! the colour and the composition are fabulous. I could see this printed big in someone’s kitchen. Wow!!

Aldo Risolvo - Oh yum! I started salivating when that popped up! Great image, i love the 2 different blues and the off center/negative space composition.

Genevieve Flynn - This is lovely, and out of the entire group, seems to have the most in focus despite the shallow DOF, great work! Can’t wait for the fresh berries to become available here (still a few weeks to go for strawberries and blueberries are another month away, sigh…)

erin - What a fun perspective. You always have such beautiful still life images. They should really be on etsy :). Love the color and texture.

Tammy Bilodeau - This is a really nice image. Love the different blue tones used and the white background. Lovely!

macro monday


please join me to see what faye has this week…..she is the insect queen, so i bet it will be good…..

amy - Love it! What a fun and great shot. I have always wanted to get an ant up close and personal!

Faye - Another wow for your macro shot Liza. Amazing!! Such awesome colour and texture here.