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macro monday

the prompt this week is old…..

lets see what jenn has this week…….

amy - Love this! Such great composition! Love the processing and love the clock! Nice work.
Is this your baby scale?

Jenn - Love the processing and comp! So perfect. If this is what Amy thinks it is, I am still searching for one!!! So hard to find around here!

Faye - Love this Liza! I love how you can see every little detail, all the little things that give this character. Definitely would add a great dimension to newborn photos :)

p52 week 3

the theme this week is words……

please join me to see what kimberlee edwards | cary, nc family photographer  captured this week…….

Amy - Adorable! I love this. I can just hear her reading the book. I love photographing the unexpected like this. You will love seeing this when she’s 30! Great job!

Christa P. - This is great!! Love your take on the theme!

Robin Moore - love this! it has been so long since i had little ones, i miss it. those little hands and her following along with those words. simply precious. i am looking so forward to grandchildren and capturing more of these moments that i did not with my boys. great shot.

viv - Love this capture…her little hand pointing at the word one.

Ashley Alexander Photography - This is one of my favorites from this weeks circle. I love the color in the image. So cute!

Jenn - So sweet! I love everything about this… The moment, the illustrations, the colours. Such a perfect documentation of the details of everyday life.

Amy - This is so adorable! What a precious photo to look back on!

Faye - Love this!!! Love her little hand pointing at the words, the colours, everything – just sweet.

Tammy Bilodeau - So cute, So innocent. :)

Genevieve - Aww, how cute, little chubby fingers. Beautiful ‘everyday’ capture :)

Cathy K - I love the gentleness of this shot. This is something I see every day in the first grade classroom where I work. Nicely done!

stacy - so so so cute! love this!

christineb - aww cute little fingers.

macro monday


the prompt this week is metal….

lets head north to see what jenn has this week…..

Jenn - LOVE your take on the theme. The lines draw your eye into the image. Works so perfectly!

Faye - Love your take on this Liza! The lines and the texture are perfect.

amy - oohh- I love this! Totally want to know what in the world it is! Great job!

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