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p52 week 48

the theme this week is the kitchen….here is whats cooking this week

please see what my friend amy craft amy craft, san antonio texas photographer has this week………..

Amy - Love seeing your cookies! These look delicious and look how great your composition is and the processing!!!

Amy Mae - these look yummy, Liza!

Jenn - Oh those look SO good!!!! What kind of cookies are they? Are those pretzels… yummy!!!

Amy C - Yummy! Is this the pretzel, chocolate cookies? I saw them on my food board and thought about making them. Great shot!

Misty Setzler - Yummy, I love how simple it is but very well executed.

p52 week 47

the theme this week is sweet…..

yeah……these are pretty serious…..chocolate peanut butter cookie with reeses cup inside and on top…….go hard or stay out of the kitchen……lets see what my friend misty setzler, lubbock tx photographer, found sweet this week……..

Amy - I’ll be right there! These look divine and I need one.

Amy Mae - Oh, Liza. no. you. DIDN’T! Yummy! Great shots, too. :)

Jobrina Hofleit - Holy Cow….that looks soooooo yummy!!!!!!!!

Amy C - OMG!!! Chocolate & PB!! My fav!! These look delicious…..recipe? :)

Christine - Yummy!!

Jenn - That looks so flippin’ delicious. The most gorgeous cookie I have ever seen. No wonder there’s a bite missing out of it! :)

Misty Setzler - Just to let you know your totally mean for posting this! :) I have one with a serious peanut allergy and anytime I see a peanut butter cup I get sad! they were my favorites… you eat your cookies… and know I’m sitting here drooling and jealous ;)

macro monday

the prompt this week is brown……

lets see what is brown in jenn’s world this week………….

Jenn - This couldn’t be any more perfect… the catchlight is amazing, those windows are amazing, and her eyes are such an amazing shade of brown. Love the crop too!

Amy - Such a brown eyed beauty! I love this. Great comp and processing. (I put that in there for Mike)

Christine - I just love this so much. You rock the macro shots every week.