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p52 week 16

the theme this week is perspective….


please head with me to visit kimberlee edwards cary north carolina……

Amy Ames - This just cracks me up! I love it! I am sorry that you have no green grass yet, but I think it is very creative!!

Robin Moore - this is super creative and i love it. Super cute outfit! great job.

Cathy K - Adorable shot Liza! Both cute and clever!

Emily - This was a much needed smile for me today :)

Tammy Bilodeau - Tricky, tricky….what an awesome perspective you have given us. This is a cute shot and you executed it perfectly. :)

Genevie - Ha, this is SO clever! Very cute, great job :)

Jenny Singleton - This is SO cute! What a creative take! I bet your little girls love this one too! :)

Christa P. - Love this! Great perspective!

Christine b - Ha!! LOVE it. This is what I was hoping to see in the circle, you never disappoint. Awesome.

Faye - haha, cute! love it for this theme!

Jenn - This is perfect and just so funny at the same time! Such a creative shot!

stacy - how fun!! what did she think of “holding herself” like that??

p52 week 13

the prompt this week is blue…….

please head with me to see what christine¬†blaylock¬† has this week……

Christine b - gorgeous. love your images Liza. love.

Robin Moore - This is beautiful. love the comp and the shades of blue. the lighting sets everything off perfect. great shot.

Tammy Bilodeau - Oh I just luurvvv flowers. So pretty, I can’t wait until we have some pretty little gems in our yard to photograph. Nice job on this weeks theme.

Emily - Oh my, those are stunning. Great shot, love the focus spot on this too! I think a fancy photographer would say, I love the depth on this? :)

Christa P. - Love the composition! This is just lovely!

amy - Gorgeous shot! I love the blue in here. The funny thing is I have the almost exact same photo that I almost used. Great minds think alike :)

erin - I know it’s been said, but there is no better word than simply “GORGEOUS!” love the vase, love the composition, love the color. Just perfect!

Jenn - Oh, this is incredibly gorgeous!!! Beautiful shot!

Amy - Beautiful!!

Genevieve Flynn - Wow, gorgeous.

Cathy K - I love the soft blue colors in this shot! That they happen to be flowers just makes it perfect!

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Cary NC Photographer - This is beautiful Liz. What a striking shade of blue.

FAYE - Gorgeous shot Liza! Love the shades of blue here.

stacy - wow liza…. this blue is amazing!!
i love the focus and love the composition! very well done!