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p52 week 50

the theme this week is memories….seems like this time of year is such a reflective time, with all the rituals that come once a year like trimming the tree, it is easy to think about the same events in years past, and the memories that you are creating for the future……

please visit my friend amy (mae) bowman nampa idaho photographer to see what she captured for memories……

Amy Mae - Oh this is so great, Liza. You capture emotion so well. Merry Christmas!

amy - Oh I adore this! Exactly what I was trying to capture this week, but my wiggly boys would not participate. So perfect and wonderful! Merry Christmas xoxo

Jenn - So sweet! The composition and the moment you captured is so perfect!

Misty Setzler - What a sweet capture, love the side profile.

Amy C - What a precious image! Don’t you just love letting the little ones help decorate the tree? Although I let 3 kids decorate mine (because I was sick) and there are no ornaments on the top! ;)

Jobrina Hofleit - What a beautiful image Liza, she just looks so precious as she is holding that beautiful ornament. :-)

macro monday

the prompt this week is holiday season…..

lets see what my friend jenn has this week……..

Jenn - The hallmark of Christmas… red and green!!! :) LOVE the contrast of the red berries against the green needles of the tree. So pretty!

Amy - oohhhh… I love this. Great choice for christmas. I did some berry shots yesterday. Love these! Love the colors too…

p52 week 49

the theme this week is music…..and while this is not your typical shot, the music from this fellow does indeed wake me every morning……

please see what my dear friend jenn duguay, valleyview, alberta photographer has for music this week…….

Amy - I love how you thought outside the box for this- Those are always my favorite. Nothing says Maine morning to me like the sound of a rooster! I have been meaning to ask about these guys forever! Glad to see that they are in the documentation now too!

nicole - haha!! cocka doodle doooo!! music. you make me laugh. It’s funny the rooster is “posing” so pretty with her leg bent

Jenn - And he is posing for you too! Are you getting lots of eggs yet? :)

Christine - ha!! very creative,

Misty Setzler - HA I love your take! I dont know if I would like that kind of alarm clock… theres no snooze!

Amy C - LOL! I’m sure he does ;)

macro monday

the prompt this week is freshly baked…..


my friend jenn is an amazing baker…i can’t wait to see what she cooked up this week!

Jenn - Mmmmmmm…. gosh those look yummy! Peppermint whoopee pies? Is that what they are??? They look so decadent!

Amy - Oh goodness! This looks way too good! Seriously, one of my favorites! You know how much I love these. I will be right there…