p52 week 28

up high…

please join me to see what cathy kuhlman http://cathykuhlmanphotography.blogspot.com has this week……

robin moore - is this is your backyard? i love this and it is a perfect interpretation of up high. love the softness and she is in perfect proportion for that awesome swing. lovely :)

Cathy K - Beautiful processing! Simply gorgeous shot!

Tammy Bilodeau - Oh this is a precious shot. Such a little girl on that great big swing, I love your PP too. What a magical image.

Erin - This is just breathtaking. Love everything about it. Love that we see the back of the girl, love the DRESS (gorgeous!!!), the PP, the SWING–everything! Beautiful work.

Christa P. - This is simply amazing! Seriously needs to be blown up and framed. So breathtaking!

Faye - love everything about this photo!!!!! Such an innocence about it.

stacy - a classic, timeless shot! love her dirty feet… love the positioning… the composition… the edit. just overall perfectly done! nice job!

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p52 week 27

red, white and blue…..

please head with me to see what erin dahl, memphis tn photographer, http://www.erindahlphotography.com has this week…..

amy - oh yumm! This looks great- wish I was there to share one! Love the composition and the added red and white stripe. PErfect. You are getting so great at the food shots!

Tammy Bilodeau - Ahh yummy blueberry muffins. Love the light coloured red & white stripes of that fabric.

Pam Korman - What a subtly perfect red, white and blue image. LOVE it!!
From your new biggest fan!

Robin Moore - liza, you should write a recipe book and take all those wonderful photos. love the red and white stripe towel with that wonderful blueberry muffin. this looks so yummy. great shot.

Faye - Your food photos always make me so hungry!! Love the composition here.

macro monday

red, white and blue…..

please head with me to see what jenn has this week…..

amy - wow!!!! This is super. these lifesize looking blueberries are fantastic. Love how you set up the composition with this. I can taste them now!

Faye - WOW! seriously. amazing.

p52 week 26


please head with me to see what christa paustenbaugh, okinawa, japan http://thepaustenbaughs.typepad.com has this week…..

Robin Moore - liza, i love, love, love this shot. growing up i had chickens just like this and of course they never had their photo taken by someone so talented. love the light and processing and as always you rocked it.

amy - Love this shot! It’s funny because I knew you would blow this one of the water with your back yard. Perfect for bokeh balls. This is gorgeous, but I keep thinking about the lone rooster!

Emily - We had chickens growing up too! What a fun surprise to have one pop up :) Love the bokeh you captured too!

Cathy K - That bokeh is amazing! The chicken is kinda cute too. I love that he’s (or is a she?) posing for you!

Christa P. - Haha!! I love this photo! Perfect!

Faye - This photo just makes me smile :) The bokeh is so amazing!