p52 week 2


Jenn - Wowzers. This is beautiful. You can almost hear the snow softly fall when you look at this. Your comp is absolute perfection!

AND… it looks more like winter there than it does here!

Cathy K - This is breathtaking! Simple yet elegant!

Amy - Absolutely gorgeous. As Jenn said, I love the comp- it’s perfect. I am cold just from looking at the photo. Wish I was there to play in it!

Emily - I would like this on my wall….it is sooo peaceful and serene!

Tammy Bilodeau - Gorgeous

Genevieve - Ack, this is GORGEOUS! Love love love it. I actually photographed a tree very much like this one for my landscape shot but decided to go with another shot. You did a much better job with the composition though, and the snow is so beautiful. Might be my fav of the week Liz :)

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macro monday

the prompt this week is winter…….

please head with me to the wintry north and see what my friend jenn has for us on her birthday week!

Faye - Beautiful Liza! What a great idea for winter…love the texture here!

amy - Great shot liza. Love that you thought of this for winter!

Jenn - Looks so cozy and warm… so perfect for winter!

2012 p52 week 1

new year, new group, new p52….so fitting that the theme is new this week…..something else that is new this week in our house is this little one eating solid food….

please join me as i head to see what amy moisuk, slices of life photography, ct and new england family photographer,http://blog.slicesoflifephotography.com/  has for us this week.


Amy - Oh my goodness- I can see what you mean- she is getting so big! wow- I love this. She looks exactly like her sisters and what a sweet and perfect photo for this week. I love this!

Christa P. - Oh so sweet! This is such a fabulous shot!

Robin Moore - liza, this is simple adorable. her eyes are beautiful and you captured them perfectly. the lighting and the catchlight in her eyes – i love it. great job.

Viv - Lovely photograph. I love how she is smiling and the texture of the food. I have a two month old and can’t wait till he start eating solids.

Jenny - SO precious!!! Beautiful lighting!

Faye - How appropriate for this week’s theme….so adorable!

Amy Moisuk, Slices of Life Photography - OMG, I love this pic!!! Adorable!

Emily - Oh my word for adorable! I think this is begging to be a canvas on your kitchen wall….

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Raleigh NC Photographer - Liza she is just as cute as a button. Look at those gorgeous brown eyes of her and that adorable expression.

Ashley Alexander Photography - I adore this picture. Love the light and the processing! One of my favorites so far! So cute.

Robin Moore - i LOVE this picture. Love her eyes and the catch-light and just the lighting in whole. Great job.

Tammy Bilodeau - Hee Hee Hee. I remember those days. Great capture of such a cute little girl. What beautiful eyes she has. Well Done. :)

Cathy K - I know that you are focused on the new foods, but I can’t take my eyes of her eyes! She is beautiful and I hope she’s the subject of lots of future themes!

Amy - So cute!! I remember those days. :) And off topic, but I’m seriously amazed by that macro snowflake shot! Great job!

ChristineBlaylock - Ok, perfection here. Everything about it, I love.

Jenn - Love her expression! So adorable! And growing up so fast!

stacy - oh wow. it’s been 7 years since a kid was this messy in my kitchen! ;) how adorable!!! love the soft palette of this! gorgeous!

Genevieve Flynn Photography - Oh my word, what a gorgeous real life moment captured! The light and her skin is so creamy and beautiful, and her eyes are stunning! Beautiful job Liza!

macro monday

the prompt this week is fresh……

lets see what my friend jenn has this week…..

Faye - Oh I love it Liza! What a good idea! I love how it looks like you just happened upon it sitting like that – the composition is really cool!

Jenn - Love your comp! Oh so fresh eggs… they are beautiful!!!

Amy C - I love fresh eggs! They always have such beautiful colors. That swirl is perfection!! :)

amy - I love these pictures. Love the composition, processing and everything! The swirl is such a great detail that I love!