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p52 week 23


please join me to see what christa paustenbaugh has this week……

amy - I love this! She looks so happy. Not an easy place to show movement, but you did great!

Robin Moore - This is great Liza. I tried this with Preston and it was a FAIL! You captured the movement perfect here at the playground. Her little face is adorable. great job this week.

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Cary NC Photographer - The expression on her face is just priceless!

Tammy - Cute little girl swinging on the swing, you definitely caught “movement” here. :)

Aldo Risolvo - Look at the cute happy face! Im sure she’s kicking her feet too!

Christa P. - What a sweetie! Love your movement shot!

Jenn - How perfect is this?!!! Love the smile on her face!!!!

Cathy K - Nice job with this. Even her hair is showing movement!

Christine b - what a cutie, fun shot!

Faye - awe sweet! Love her big smile here, with her hair blowing, totally adorable.

little beauties

amy - These are gorgeous. The last one is my favorite, but I love them all. The colors are so perfect. I love that you’re going to do food more. It’s not easy! Great job!

Jenn - Incredibly gorgeous!!! Love the softness, the dof, the colours… everything. So perfect. Would be lovely on canvas displayed in a kitchen!

Faye - These are absolutely stunning – the first two images in particular are my favourites – love the textures and colours here!! Stunning!!