p52 week 26


please head with me to see what christa paustenbaugh, okinawa, japan http://thepaustenbaughs.typepad.com has this week…..

Robin Moore - liza, i love, love, love this shot. growing up i had chickens just like this and of course they never had their photo taken by someone so talented. love the light and processing and as always you rocked it.

amy - Love this shot! It’s funny because I knew you would blow this one of the water with your back yard. Perfect for bokeh balls. This is gorgeous, but I keep thinking about the lone rooster!

Emily - We had chickens growing up too! What a fun surprise to have one pop up :) Love the bokeh you captured too!

Cathy K - That bokeh is amazing! The chicken is kinda cute too. I love that he’s (or is a she?) posing for you!

Christa P. - Haha!! I love this photo! Perfect!

Faye - This photo just makes me smile :) The bokeh is so amazing!

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